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Property Investment Services Group review each of the key markets around Australia using a tertiary research methodology that has been developed in-house by our Property Analyists.

This allows us to amalgamate the collective wisdom of over sixty experts and sources, including RP Data, Residex, ABS, Real Estate institute of Australia and Cannex Star just to mention a few, to short-list suitable Investment Opportunities that we feel will outperform the majority of the market, both short term and long term;

We then look for fundamentals that underpin the property market, focusing on value and opportunity. In doing this we analyse what we consider to be the six keys to property research. These drivers include:

1. Population Movements
2. Economic and Employment Growth
3. Infrastructure
4. Supply and Demand
5. Rental Market
6. Demographics

If a market can illustrate strong fundamentals with regards to the above factors, we then continue our due diligence.

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